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Musical duos are few and far between these days, with the White Stripes being the torchbearers for years before calling it quits in 2011. Now the self described “Anthem Rock” duo Vista are here with a new single called “Henchmen” to show you can get a lot done with just two people.

Hailing from New York the group sounds like they’d be played through a church of rock and roll with echoing vocals from Hope Vista that seem to bounce off the walls of all five of their released tracks. Not to be out done, guitarist Greg Almeida compliments Hope Vista’s vocals on the chorus of “Henchmen,” with the same booming vocal range. Think of it like Hope’s voice as the cake and Almeida is the icing. There are these little gaps in the track between verses and chorus that would be fine with just instrumentation, but Almeida’s voice perfectly bridges them to keep the energy of the song always peaked.

Photo: Holly Turner Photography

Photo: Holly Turner Photography

The verses on “Henchmen” do an excellent job of keeping tempo on the track and building up to the raucous chorus that bursts onto the song. The song ends with a crescendo of the chorus after a quiet bridge. It’s almost like the eye of a storm. Everything is flying everywhere and it seems chaotic, but then there’s this calm right before the booming noises resume.

“Henchmen” is only the fifth track the duo have released since their formation in 2016, but the track shows that in addition to crashing drums and arena blasting guitar licks, “Henchmen” is an evolution albeit a small one. For the future of rock duos, it would seem Vista are ready to bring people to their cathedral of sound and the sermon is always loud and energetic.

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