Vladopus9 may not have much publicity, but for anyone into folk music they’re a pretty good find. With their duet, comprised only of the vocals of Lisa Rau and the acoustic guitar played by Joseph Page, they have a raw sound backed by a soft strum. Vladopus9 is unlike the generic so-called band, with no help for the beat of a drum or heavy bass. 

“Escorts of Consequence” was a heavy acoustic song, low on vocal utterances, but my favorite nonetheless. It’s soft sound was perfect for background noise when I was writing or chilling outside. “Forgotten Eons” was another favorite. It’s similar slow sequence gave me montage feels, as if I was supposed to watching a movie. 

Their live Nashville adventures at local bars give audiences a taste of their music, but unlike most recorded artists, their sound doesn’t change with their professional tracks. Their folk sound is a fervent reminder of our musical roots, and the talent is completely natural. With a little tuning, their sound could be a hit.

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  1. joseph page says:

    Just found this and it really made me smile, thank you for your encouragement and warm review. Joe (Vladopus9)

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