Weezer – Hurley

It’s weird saying that I like Weezer. It’s nothing against them or anything, I just never think to listen to them. They’re one of those bands I can remember hearing when I was really young. Their songs would get stuck in my head all the time (and still d0). Then I grew up a little, still hearing their songs and always thought, “Hey, I should really start listening to them”.

So by the time I was figuring out what CDs to purchase, I always forgot about them.

FINALLY, I actually own an album and that is Hurley.

I feel a little strange writing about them because I’m not so familiar with their past works other than a few songs here and there.

However, it sounds how I expected it to sound. When I hear this album I think “Yeah, that’s totally Weezer. Who else would it be?” I’ve come to this conclusion because of Rivers Cuomo.  I have probably said the following several times about different people. (Hold on, I KNOW I have).  He has a distinct voice. I hear him and say, “Hey, that’s very familiar and probably Weezer.” Then, it is.

After that, I listen more critically to the guitar. Again, I think to myself, “That’s very familiar!” and suddenly I’m very certain that I’m listening to Weezer. Recognizing the voice and instrumentation as the same band can’t be wrong!

The problem is that since I haven’t really listened to them much. This is the only Weezer album I’ve listened to critically, trying to pick apart what I can, given my limited background in music.

One of my favorite songs on Hurley is the cover of Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida.” I do not like Coldplay. I like maybe three or four of their songs. It just so happens that “Viva La Vida” is one of those that I like, even by Coldplay. Since it was covered by a band I actually do like, I enjoyed it even more. It also sounds like it was recorded live, which tells me two things: 1) Weezer can cover songs well, and 2) the song isn’t lost in a live performance so they must be able to play well live.

I’m also very fond of “Smart Girls.” It makes me laugh because it’s fun. It’s not as serious as “Viva La Vida,” and it has a very pop beat. According to Wikipedia, Tony Kanal helped write the song (which is probably why I like it so much). I love when musicians collaborate because it merges different ideas. Weezer and No Doubt are very different, yet a little from each can make a great and very enjoyable song when used wisely, as I believe was done on this particular song.

When I first think of Weezer, I think of college students. That makes me very sad. It seems as if it is a requirement that if you are Caucasian and in college (which I am) you must like Weezer and Dave Matthews Band. I don’t like Weezer because they unofficially represent the musical preference of frat boys. I like them because, put simply, they are good. It is my belief that anyone who has listened to Weezer in college would continue to like them outside of college just the same. They sound great on an album. I’ve heard they sound great live (though I’ve never witnessed it), and they can write (or maybe help write).

That’s good enough for me.

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