Wild Domestic – Singular


An eight-track EP is a helluva way to kick down the door for your first major release in your career, and that’s exactly what alt-rocker Wild Domestic has done with his EP “Singular.”

Wild Domestic, real name Matt Carlson, hails from Charlotte, North Carolina and despite his Southern roots, you won’t find much twang on “Singular.” The EP opens with  “Left, Right” a somber tune that almost acts as a bait and switch when coupled with the second track “New Year, New Me.” In the first two tracks the EP introduces us to Wild Domestic leading us to believe this will be a collection of chill songs before pulling a 180 in fewer than three minutes. “New Year, New Me” opens with a groovy bassline that holds the foundation of the song together on its four minute ride, before the beat stops and the chorus comes crashing in.


The tracks “Firewall” and “Senses” act as a one-two punch but are softer in sound and more vocal driven than instrumental. “Firewall” has echoing guitars and a drum beat that almost sounds like a metronome layered into the track. It’s a slower track especially coming off the fiery ending of “Overjoyed,” but “Firewall” sets up the next song “Senses” perfectly.

“Senses” starts off like those alt-rock songs from the late 90s or early 2000s with rolling drums and distorted guitars on a loop like a rap beat. The first few minutes of “Senses” keep building and building to the crescendo during the last few moments of the song. It’s a well done build up from the beginning of “Firewall” all the way to this ending for “Senses” to close out the sounds of the EP.  The final track “Right, Left” puts a satisfying bow on everything as the inverse of the opener “Left, Right” and sounds like 21st century church hymn music before coming to a close.


Wild Domestic may not rewrite the book on alt-rock but Carlson describes his music as something of a stream of conscience to show his views and personality, and for his first solo effort he checks all the boxes and more to make this trip worth taking.

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