Wilhelm Tell Me


Minus the popular songs that strike a hit right off the bat, it often takes a couple tracks to realize how epic a band is or how much they suck, but the first few songs of Wilhelm Tell Me hooked me instantly. The Hamburg/Copenhagen trio is the perfect summer indie pop band to listen to. I’m reminded of not only ‘80s pop music, with a fast pace and manic mind, but also the trademark European youth.

If you’re planning on listening to Wilhelm Tell Me for the first time, start with “The Cool Kids,” “Tourists,” or “Growing Younger.”

In “The Cool Kids” we get to hear the words we all think of and the attitudes we tend to exhibit, especially for us millennials. The song starts out with an action followed by an apology, but by the end of the song, we’re met with a flurry of unapologetic determination to be ourselves. Instead of conforming to how the “cool kids” think, we won’t apologize for being who we are. I like that in this song, everyone can relate – unless you’re a “cool kid” that is. The cool kids could be high school peers, colleagues, friends, family members or even society as a whole. We are not bound by what others think of us and we need to be unapologetic when living our lives.

The lyrics of this band are a sweet reminder of what actually happens inside our minds. They’re like a call to action to be true to yourself in a world wrapped in social pressures to conform. “Tourists” makes you feel you’re heading out on a road trip, or you’re supposed to be part of a music video or movie montage of summer days, and open highway. “Crashing Planes” and similar songs have vocals with a higher pitch, which isn’t desirable for some people, but it’s a great idea to run through all their songs to find your favorite.

The theme of many of their songs is to be honest, unapologetic and completely yourself. Go after what you want because we only have one life.

Listening to older songs from Wilhelm Tell Me is like watching B movies starring your favorite Hollywood actor. You know they’re awesome at what they’re doing now, obviously because you love them, but it’s blowing your mind that the person you love now was the same person that starred in this soap opera 10 years ago. Wilhelm Tell Me’s early songs were a nice listen, but their new stuff is a lot catchier.

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