Will Sims – Amber Eyes

Amber Eyes

It’s always nice when artists write about things that basically everyone can relate to. I love when I listen to a song and have that “ah-ha” moment when I realize I totally know what they’re talking about. Will Sims writes songs about how relationships work, from romantic and intimate relationships to awkward social experiences.Through his music, Sims hopes to reach out to people who are questioning their relationships and their path in life and let them know they’re not alone.

His new single, Amber Eyes, is a pop-rock tune with just a pinch of funk. It kicks off with Lindsay Collette’s background “oohs” and your toes are immediately tapping. You can tell, based on the dance-friendly quality, that Sims was probably a big Bowie fan, as he draws a lot of inspiration from the icon’s Let’s Dance album.

Not only is the song catchy with an awesome chorus and hook, its lyrics are uncomplicated and easily relatable – something Sims strives to create. The lyrics “Your moves consistently drive me crazy, you never tell me the game or how the hell I can play,” convey the message that this is about “the pursuit” or a potential lover, but of a lover who is playing games and holding back – the most annoying, but also most exciting thing about dating.

Amber Eyes is a big song, a song that is meant to be played loud and energetically. It’s the type of song that a band closes a show with – big percussion, lots of guitar and Lindsay’s sexy “oohs” fading over the audience as the curtains close. This is the first taste of Will Sims that I’ve had, but it definitely makes me thirsty for more.

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  1. Will Sims says:

    Much love from the Will Sims camp! Thanks for the post!

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