Will Sims – May Never Be Forgotten

Will Sims - May Never Be Forgotten

Will Sims is a Baltimore-based alternative rock and pop artist who puts his musical focus into the creation of songs that focus on relationships. He hopes to form a connection with listeners through his high-energy and passionate vocals.

His new EP, May Never Be Forgotten, features seven tracks revolving around the theme of relationships and love. For some reason, when I read through the tracks and even Sims’ biography, I’m reminded of The Lumineers. I wouldn’t necessarily say that his music sounds similar to theirs, but the track titles and themes definitely share similarities.

The first track, Will You Remember, starts off with some piano and then adds some percussion that really reminds me of the band Bear Mountain. It’s something about the background beats and the subtle synth and percussion that remind me of Bear Mountain. Whenever there’s a point without any vocals, I can literally imagine myself at a Bear Mountain show. Which is a compliment, for sure.

The songs have romantic and heart-felt lyrics, especially the first track’s chorus: “Will you remember the times I was there for you, will you remember the look you gave me, too?” Very heartfelt and passionate, but also slightly predictable. Sims throws all predictability out the window though when we move to the song Unwind, which has a bit of a reggae feel. The lyrics are still very typical Sims, but the reggae sound is a refreshing surprise.

Sims is known to write Goo-Goo Dolls sounding ballads, which is made evident by his song The Girl in the Flower Dress. It’s a folky, acoustic ballad that I imagine he has played at 50% of his friends’ weddings. It’s an adorable, lovable song that, given the right setting, would have people swooning.

The diversity of his sound and abilities is shown pretty well on this EP, as he bounces from pop, to folk to a very alt-rock sound. His song We Will Shine has a much heavier feel than the rest of his album. His vocals adjust from the smooth, pop sound to a deep, gritty alternative sound that works perfectly with the electric guitar and bass of We Will Shine.

So whether you’re looking for a fun song to dance to, a potential first dance tune to pull on the heartstrings, or an angry love-hate tune – Will Sims’ new EP, May Never Be Forgotten, has it.

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