Winter 1982 – Worry

Winter 1982 Worry

The first thing I said when I listened to Worry by Winter 1982 was, “YES!” This was my initial reaction for a number of reasons, but mostly  because I was listening to alternative folk – a genre that I love but that isn’t found easily as it’s easy for an alt-folk song to become just folk or just alternative.

Winter 1982, made up of Phil Barber (vocals/guitar) and Luke Phillips (keys/bass), has a sound that has similarities of some of my favourite bands and musicians. Their acoustic melodies remind me a lot of what a stripped down Kings of Leon would sound like. The vocals are kind of reminiscent of James Bay and Ray Lamontagne – two of the most melt-worthy vocalists in the airwaves right now – so good for you, Phil.

“Sometimes I worry, Sometimes I worry…I’m incapable. I’m incapable of love,” are some of the first lyrics heard from Worry and the only other sounds accompanying them are some subtle keys. It hooks you in right from the beginning because of how rough and swooning Phil’s vocals are. The increased tempo and cascading chorus makes this song truly single-worthy. It’ll have you tapping your feet and almost feeling the kind of emotion that we can imagine Winter 1982 feels when they sing it.

One of the things I like most about this tune is that unlike many other folk songs, it’s not super upbeat. Like many of their other songs, it’s actually kind of haunting. The first couple of times I listened to this song I was sitting at my desk at work typing away at a report and I got completely lost in the music. There’s just so much passion and so much self-awareness that you’re forced to pay attention to what your ears are hearing. Winter 1982 doesn’t create background music. They create stop-what-you’re-doing-and-melt-into-this music.

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