Wizard Farm


Their hometown is listed as Imagination Land and with a name like Wizard Farm, you might expect this collective to sound like the music accompanying unicorns and hobbits frolicking about together. Well, that’s not exactly what the sound like… Unless the hobbits have mohawks and the unicorns are pierced & tattooed. 

Wizard Farm is a psychedelic, pop and rock collective. It’s psychedelic music with a rock twist and pop vocals that are fun to sing along with and strong and smooth at the same time. Really it’s a good blend of all of these types of music. You have short rock songs (“It Does Not Make Sense” sits at 1:53.) and it also has some more psychedelic rock inspired songs. “Now That The Feelings Gone” has some guitar riffs that provide a definite groove, but still play an integral part to the song as a whole. Still, it keeps the pop like vocals and drive that’s behind all rock music. It’s a bit longer at 3:40. This isn’t anything close to the sometimes 5 minute psychedelic songs that we often hear, but it still has that feeling.

Overall, these are songs you can groove to – you want to keep it on while you’re keeping busy. There will be moments where the instrumentation will let you space out for a bit, but the vocals are always there to guide you back home (while you’re singing along).

Listen to Wizard Farm here:

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