Worth Taking – Art Imitates Art – Exclusive Stream


It should be clear by now that I am a Worth Taking fan. If posts in the past haven’t made that clear, let this be the one. After releasing the EP “Punker Than Thou,” Worth Taking is back with a full length album “Art Imitates Art.” That’s right – no more playing one EP after another to mimic a full-length. It’s here and we have the exclusive first listen a week before it is released – just for you.

“Art Imitates Art” kicks off with the song “Run Away,” which is exactly what you’re thinking. It’s about getting out while still full of hope and inspiration. This sets the tone for the rest of the album that holds some reworks of older Worth Taking songs, but also introduces us to some new ones.

“Annie” is a song you haven’t heard on any EPs, but you’ve definitely heard it at a live show. It has the outstanding guitar riff that has become with synonymous with Worth Taking as a whole. You also get the catchy hooks that we crave from pop music, but it still has that rock edge.

“A Boxer Claw Dictator” is probably the best song on this album. It’s the short, fast punk rock song that pays homage to the bands like blink-182, Ramones and MxPx that have inspired what Worth Taking is today.

“Art Imitates Art” is scheduled to release next week on August 12, but we have a surprise for you. Check out the player below to get an exclusive first listen to the new album and be the one who introduces it to all of your friends.

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