Worth Taking – Oddly Pacific Release


It’s always exciting to get new music. So exciting, in fact, that we’re going to tell you about it now so you can go ahead and start that count down.

Remember that band Worth Taking that we like so much? Well, the band is releasing a new EP “Oddly Pacific.” It’s full of those sweet power-pop songs for which these guys are well known. The only thing better than listening to this album is hearing it live. Recently, WT played at San Francisco’s music venue Café du Nord where an encore was demanded a second time for these guys.

Next up: Japan. Worth Taking will be touring in and around Tokyo late April/early May. If you’re unable to make it to Japan to see them (Like you need an excuse to travel – who doesn’t want to go to Japan?), better pick up a copy of “Oddly Pacific,” like, now because it releases 12:01 am in the oddly Pacific time zone.

You’ll want to do that ASAP. This one’s gonna be big. Get it now so you can say you liked WT before they were popular.

Visit worthtaking.com to get all your shopping in now. You can get a copy of “Oddly Pacific” on vinyl and some neat t-shirts, too.

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