Worth Taking – Punker Than Thou


Punk rock is sacred. It goes beyond a sound of music and the safety pins and patches on your jacket. It’s a lifestyle and a mindset. Any time someone jumps into this, there’s an immediate hesitation. What would pop-rockers Worth Taking want out of punk? Why would they touch it? Well, because they can and you’ll be glad they did.

The keyword for this EP is faithful. Taking songs by the Ramones, Green Day and MxPx, each take on these songs is basically like the Worth Taking version of each band. “Maria” keeps that classic, immediately recognized Green Day sound all the way down to “Maria-a-oh.” Similarly for MxPx‘s “The Empire,” it sounds like it was written by the band just for Worth Taking. The vocals even feature MxPx‘s own Mike Herrera to get the song that much closer to the original.

Although sticking with the original writing was the goal for this album, the guys did take a chance on the Ramones‘ “I Wanna Live.” It’s got a little more pop and dance with cleaner vocals sans Joey Ramone‘s throaty growls. The reason why this is even okay (better than okay, actually) is because the song can be popped up a bit without losing the initial intent behind the song – I wanna live. That’s it.

This is something that pop and punk fans should give a listen. Punk isn’t for the ones who ask permission. Punk is for the ones who take it and make it their own. That’s what Worth Taking does.

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