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Worth Taking

Pop-punk band Worth Taking are coming in hot with their latest LP “Hangman.” With heavy bass lines and a voice from Jerod McBrayer that will caress your eardrums, it’s clear to hear that Worth Taking are bringing the pop-punk from yesteryear into the present, and with a tour on the horizon, into the future as well. Chris Self and Chase Kossack round out the remaining members of the pop-punk trio. McBrayer was able to sit down with Creative Control for a quick interview before today’s release of “Hangman.”

CC: It seems like there is definitely a pop-punk influence on the band’s style, how would you describe your sound and your influences to achieve it?

JM: I would say that our sound is punk-influenced and our songwriting is pop-influenced. I love all the bands that kind of defined this genre like blink-182 and Green Day. They write great pop songs that are wrapped in that punk aesthetic

CC: What’s the writing process like? Does one person take the lead or is it more collaborative?

JM: While I do all of the writing, Chris and Chase add their own spin on everything and make it totally new. I bring them skeletons and they flesh it out. I’ll essentially cut a demo that has my own crappy drums and bass on it and they will go “No, no. This has got to go.”

CC: This is the second full length LP from Worth Taking. What has changed since the first one? In what ways was the creative process different?

JM: “Hangman” is a concept record from start to finish. The previous record, “Art Imitates Art,” was more of a collection of songs. So, the mental place I was in for the previous record spanned a much greater length of time. Some songs were years old and some were written in the sessions for that record. The production of this record was also far more consistent.

CC: You guys went on tour in Japan before the first album’s release, what was that like? Any interest in returning? If you tour again after this upcoming album will it include any foreign locations?

JM: Japan was amazing. We definitely met some amazing people on that tour and made some great friends. We will 100% go back. We love it there. We are doing some US touring in March and are trying to do some international stuff toward the end of the year. So, keep your eyes peeled.

CC: What’s the most stressful part of being in the band? Is it touring or writing new material or just trying to get along in a creative collection?

JM: I think touring and writing are both very stressful, but in a different way. Touring is stressful because so many things are out of your control. You are at the mercy of the road, so to speak. Whereas writing is a self-imposed stress. You are hoping that you write something good and you are working against deadlines. The desire is to improve, but you never really know. So, the most stressful part of that is actually right after you finish the record and you are just waiting for it to come out.

CC: What inspires your creativity?

JM: Literally, everything. I write songs about movies I’ve seen. I write songs about a guy I saw at the mall. Nothing is safe!

CC: Jerod, you recently moved to Nashville from San Francisco, what’s the music scene like in both and has the move to Nashville had any effect on the band or your writing/creative abilities?

JM: In terms of the (pun-intended) change in scenery, I fell in love with Nashville long ago. Much like me, this town is all about the song. If you have a great song, you have everything. I love that. Being surrounded by all this talent really inspires me to perfect my craft.

CC: What are some of the challenges of you (Jerod) being in Nashville and Chris and Chase still in San Francisco?

JM: The move has definitely made us more intentional when it comes to band logistics. I can’t BART to practice anymore. However, it’s also given us more focus. We don’t take each other for granted.

CC: What’s next for Worth Taking?

JM: Tour, tour, tour, tour, tour. This record comes out Feb 12. From Feb 13 forward, our only focus will be getting it into the ears of everyone on this planet. So, we’re hitting the road and we can’t wait to play these songs for everyone.

CC: What’s your favorite ice cream?

JM: If we’re being specific: Chubby Hubby. However, if you are looking for a cross-brand flavor, I’d have to say Butter Pecan.

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