Your Old Droog – Just Rhymin’


Take a Ukrainian-American, a Rastafarian and a hip-hop heavyweight all by way of New York and you’ll get Your Old Droog’s newest single “Just Rhymin’” featuring Joey Bada$$ and Styles P. 

Starting off with a deep piano key sample and a beat that harkens back to the golden age of hip-hop that was coming out in New York almost 20 years ago, the track is a showcase for the MCs to show their rhyming chops. 

“Man these whores are so lame, they rock Nirvana shirts in the hood but they don’t know Cobain,” Your Old Droog says on his opener verse. Droog’s flow is like a cross between a soul singer singing lines between cigarette puffs and a whiskey shot and what Fat Joe might sound like in his prime. There’s a feeling that Droog is so effortless in his rhyming which is what the song is mostly about – just three rappers doing their thing. 


Not to be outdone, Styles P and Joey Bada$$ are as reliable as always whenever they do guest spots. Like Droog, Styles P has an aura of chill to his flow further adding to the tone of the song. Given that P is over 40 he could probably rap 16 bars in his sleep by now, but he adds a nice touch of old school to a new school beat. 

Rounding out the three verses is Joey Bada$$, the youngest of the bunch whose raspy voice contradicts the mellow vibe in the best way possible. Joey has always been one to show how fast he can rap but here he takes a more low key approach and lets the beat do some of the work for him, almost like he knows his words are the icing to this hip-hop cake.

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