Youth Hostel – Out of My Mouth

Youth Hostel

Indie-pop bands are so fun. They can have so many different vibes from mellow pop to incredibly enticing and upbeat. One of the most important things indie-pop bands should have, though, is probably a catchy melody – the type that you hum for 20 minutes after the song has ended. Youth Hostel definitely has this nailed with their debut single Out of My Mouth.

While the intro reminds me of something that Metric or Bloc Party may produce, the chorus of the track is slightly more funky. This makes sense since the band apparently wrote it while watching a funk and soul band cover H.A.P.P.Y Radio. The song makes you bob your head along to the music without even really noticing.

The four-piece band, led by Mike Poynton and his trio of Tom Williams, James Rookyard and Dan Rankin, originated in Ormskirk, England. Few things are more charming than an accent, especially an English one, and Youth Hostel is one of the few bands that actually sound English while singing. I love when you can get a sense of where the folks in the band are from  based by the vocals in a song, and Youth Hostel is no exception.

Though the guys seem young, their musical talent is wise beyond its years. The song Out of My Mouth was recorded in a single nine hour session. That’s a lot of vocals, harmonies and solos to record in one day. It’s pretty amazing to see what they have managed to produce with only a little rehearsal and studio time.

Out of My Mouth and Youth Hostel share some similarities with bands like Circa Waves and Two Door Cinema Club, proving that the band definitely has some commercial qualities that may take them far in the future. My hope, though, is that they don’t lose that funk feel that is hidden within their debut single. Keep writing fun, catchy tunes, Youth Hostel.

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