Zoo Pilot

Zoo Pilot

Zoo Pilot is everything you want in an indie-rock group. Seriously. They embody the genre by creating songs that are obscure, mellow, upbeat and everything in between. It’s like they take pieces from all kinds of fun, indie bands and mix them in with their own quirky lyrics and sounds to create something awesome. 

When I listened to the first song on their SoundCloud, Free, Finally, I almost immediately thought of the Avett Brothers. Then I switched to Drugs 4 Clownz, Clownz 4 Jugs and felt like I could be watching Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips on stage. This doesn’t mean that these guys haven’t found their “sound,” though. No matter how different each sound is, you can consistently hear the influence of The Beatles, The Kinks and beyond. 

The Texas formed band is made up of Brad Paxton handling vocals and guitar and Josh Nichols on bass and drums. I love this whole “duo” thing that the indie/alt-rock world has become so fond of lately – The Black Keys, White Stripes and now Zoo Pilot. There’s something so incredibly impressive about two people being able to jive together so well that your ears think you’re listening to a band of five.

Just by jamming to their tunes for a couple of minutes and really listening to their lyrics, you can just imagine the kind of fun these dudes have together. I’d love to have been behind the scenes when they were writing Rock!, an upbeat anthem featuring lyrics about a cat that enjoys his owner’s music. For instance, what type of brainstorming session do you think went down for them to come up with “he’s just a cat, who digs his life, he wants to learn how to play?” 

The fellas recently released their first full length album and I can promise you that it’ll be over played on through my headphones. I just can’t get enough of their toe-tapping rhythm and their hilariously genius lyrics.

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